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Home Water Coolers has the widest range of bottled and bottleless water coolers available in the UK. Established since 2003 we provide domestic customers with a dedicated site for home water coolers and water filters suitable for any home.

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Our range of home water coolers and water filters is second to none and is backed by a strong service network of engineers who can help maintain your water cooler. We are also able to supply customers with bottled water suitable for use on traditional water coolers. This is delivered by our team on a regular basis to our customers across London, and outside London we have a network of water cooler companies who we can put you in touch with.

We can also provide customers with a range of drinking fountains that will provide you with a longer term solution in areas like gyms and swimming pools.

We are a family-run business based in London with a great team waiting to take your phone calls and answer any questions you have. Please browse our website and if you have any questions please call us on 0845 006 3309 or email contact@homewatercoolers.co.uk.

Home Water Coolers is part of Drinking Waters – a company focused on providing the best hydration solutions for customers across the UK.

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Get enough water with a home water cooler

Drinking enough water is an essential key to survival. The human body is made up of about mostly water with 85% of our brain, along with 80% of our blood and 70% of the muscles in our body being made up of water. Although this is widely known, people are still not properly hydrated, as [...]
contaminated tap water

Boiling water at home

Householders in Cambridgeshire who had to boil their water for four days were at last told it was safe to drink once again. People in 120 homes in Wisbech had been told to boil their water until further notice after supplies were contaminated. Anglian Water said tests were carried out following repairs to a burst [...]
point of use cooler water

What’s the point of point-of-use coolers?

Often, it is assumed that bottled water is a pure, untouched and mineral-rich alternative to standard tap water but research has shown that frequently bottled water is just a purified version of the stuff we all get at home for free. So…why not skip out the middle man and carry out the purification process yourself? [...]
home water cooler

Healthy water in your home

Water is good for your health; it helps your insides work better, your outsides look better, and your mind feel better. But we believe you should enjoy drinking water, not just drink it because you have to. So how can you find an easy way to have quick access to nutritious yet delicious drinking water [...]