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Ceramic Water Dispenser

  • What is a Ceramic Water Dispenser?

Our ceramics provide an cost-effective and aesthetic way of dispensing our spring water  and are ideally suited for use in smaller offices. They are small in height and are designed to sit on a work surface or table instead of sitting directly on the floor.

The floor stand is optional. The ceramics are made from vitrified porcelain, they are fired twice for extra strength and then the decoration glaze is applied. To be sure it is then fired again at 1600 degrees Celsius.

The ceramics naturally cool the water slightly but as they are not linked to an electricity source they cannot chill it. However it looks great and can never go wrong! Nineteen or twelve litre bottles of Spring water can be placed on top and they can even be used to serve other drinks.

With a 19 litre bottle on top of a ceramic the whole unit is 64cm tall and 28 cm deep. With a 12 litre bottle on top of a ceramic the whole unit is 48cm tall and 28 cm deep.

  • Cost of a Ceramic Water Dispenser.

A ceramic dispenser costs only £30 inc VAT and delivery and is available in pure white with a blue stripe across the middle. We also sell ceramic lids for the ceramics that can be used if you do not have a bottle on top. These cost only £15.

Ceramic Water Dispenser Specifications
Floor Stands £30 – available in natural oak. The wooden stand easily supports the ceramic and a full 12/19 litre bottle. Levellers on the base allow you to secure the stands on uneven floors. Assembles in minutes with a screwdriver.
Dimensions: Base diameter : 31 cm

Height : 67cm

Height w/ bottle : 133 cm

Counter Stands £20 – available in natural oak. Stands easily supports the ceramic and a full 12/19 litre bottle.
Dimensions of Counter Stand: Base diameter : 31cm

Height : 21cm

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