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How your home water cooler works

Those of you who are existing customers of ours, or indeed those who are hoping to join our client list, we are sure you spend a lot of time wondering how your marvellous home water cooler actually works/will work once our engineers turn up and install it for you with extraordinary ease and efficiency. This is […]

Troubleshooting your home water cooler (part 2)

Following last week’s troubleshooting blog, we thought we’d do one more, to help as many of our customers as possible in finding solutions to problems with their home water cooler. Of course, these blogs can also be used for later reference, in case one of these incidents was to occur in the future. Tap has […]

Troubleshooting your home water cooler (part 1)

We love our home water coolers, but occasionally things can go wrong. We thought we’d compose a little troubleshooting guide which helps deal with some of the most common problems that our customers encounter, to help you save time in dealing with them. Leaking cooler: If it appears that your home water cooler is leaking, […]