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Oasis water cooler spare parts

Home water coolers supply a full range of spare parts for the Oasis range of water coolers and fountains. Our knowledgeable staff can find any product from replacement taps through to solenoid vales and filters. If you are able to give us a model number or serial number we can in many cases send you […]

Set an automated delivery for your home water cooler

Let’s face it, the last thing you want to be doing when you’re at home, looking after the house and the kids, stocking up on groceries and catching up with laundry (and maybe getting a chance to catch up with the Sunday paper if you’re very lucky), is worrying about whether or not the delivery […]

Caring for your home water during your holidays

Going on holiday can be stressful- you’re taking the family away and thus need to make sure that each of them is organised, stocks of sun cream, antihistamines and mozzie repellent need to be replenished, not to mention shopping for the latest trends to show off on the beach and in the local bars and […]

Make an order for your home water cooler

Keeping supplies for your home water cooler topped up couldn’t be simpler. We have devised a way to keep in touch and updated with your water levels so that we can ensure you don’t find yourself high and dry (hoho). We can set up an automated weekly email, so that we pop you a little […]

The Water Delivery Company

One of the companies who helped found Home Water Coolers is The Water Delivery Company – a company that was initially set up in 2003 as a company targetting the home water cooler market. The Water Delivery Company is the leading supplier of bottled water coolers within London. Established in January 2003 to “deliver the […]