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Oasis water cooler spare parts

Home water coolers supply a full range of spare parts for the Oasis range of water coolers and fountains. Our knowledgeable staff can find any product from replacement taps through to solenoid vales and filters. If you are able to give us a model number or serial number we can in many cases send you […]

Water cooler Rental

Did you know that home water coolers offer water cooler rental on our mains fed water coolers as well as outright purchase? Our rental packages include site survey, Installation, 6 monthly sanitisation and filter change.We also include breakdown cover in all our packages.Our prices start from £4.50 per week for a mid range new model […]

Reconditioned water coolers

Home water coolers offer a large range of reconditioned bottle fed and mains fed coolers for sale.From counter top coolers producing cold and ambient water through to floor standing models that produce hot and cold water we are sure to have a cooler that’s right for you.As our refurbished coolers have passed the 12 months […]

Oasis Onyx countertop cooler

Home water coolers are please to announce the introduction of “The Onyx” to it’s range of counter-top water coolers.Available in hot and cold or cold and ambient this high end cooler is perfect for use in the office and home. Features of this model include       * One Gallon high capasity stainless steel […]

Bottled or Bottleless Water Cooler?

There are so many water coolers on the market today, which makes it hard to choose amongst the many choices available. Before you start picking out the design of your water cooler you must first consider whether you want a bottled or bottleless cooler. There’s a major difference between the two and you want to […]

Why Microwave when you have a Water Cooler?

Water coolers bring more to the table than just a hot mug of hot cocoa or tea! There is so much you can do with the new addition, especially with the hot water dispenser. Nowadays there are plenty of microwavable soups, buillions, drinks, munchies, and even medicine. You can use the hot water from the […]

Staying Warm with your Home Water Cooler

Your Water Cooler is a convenient and wonderful way to stay warm this winter. They expect the temperatures to really drop and the best way to stay warm is grab a blanket and a mug of hot cocoa and enjoy some time on the couch. Here is a quick and easy hot cocoa recepie which […]

How your tea is made from your home water cooler

Many of you are now aware that not only can you get a home water cooler to deliver chilled spring water on demand whenever thirst strikes, but you can choose the option of a hot tap instead of a room temperature tap, which dispenses water hot enough to make a lovely cup of tea. In […]

Five shows not to talk about around your home water cooler

According to an article most eloquently written by Nicholas Nadel, TV really does get rubbish when it reaches the end of the series in question. It seems writers almost give up, and quite frankly don’t give a damn about whether or not the general public live in celebration of a wonderful ending, as the home […]

Home water cooler: The Musical

Following the roaring success “Water Cooler Musical” in Chicago in 2009, we thought it was, without a doubt, high time that a similar, although obviously completely original, show was penned. As a starting point, as with all great things there must be at least one, we decided to come up with a song list for […]