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Watery Haiku

As we love water, watery products, and, most of all, home water coolers, we thought we’d try putting our passion down on paper, in the form of some watery poetry. Our chosen style: Haiku. Simple and delicious, and marvellously refreshing, just like our water. We hope you enjoy! Home water cooler, You truly deliver well […]

Fight the flu by drinking plenty of water

It’s that time of year again, when the tissues and vitamins come out, and our immune systems are pushed to the limit as we fight the flu. This year we’re feeling particularly wary, after the worldwide outbreak of the H1N1 virus, not to mention the inconvenience of getting sick at a time when money is […]

Get Healthy – Drink More Water

Research shows water is an extremely important factor in the healthy lifestyle mix. Our bodies are made up of between 65% and 70% water so it’s no wonder we need it to keep our body systems in tip top shape.  Heath experts advise we drink up to eight glasses of water every day to help […]