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Oasis water cooler spare parts

Home water coolers supply a full range of spare parts for the Oasis range of water coolers and fountains. Our knowledgeable staff can find any product from replacement taps through to solenoid vales and filters. If you are able to give us a model number or serial number we can in many cases send you […]


Having a water cooler at work can actually promote our health. Most of us probably do not realise this, but this device holds the key to a healthy lifestyle.Our body consists of more than 70% water and it is no news to us that drinking water has a strong effect on our body. We loose […]

Stay healthy in the sun with a home water cooler

Summer time is well and truly here (well, in terms of our trusty Roman calendar telling us the sun should be out, that is…). Living in the UK, we’re all too inclined to rush out into the sun while it lasts, with little consideration for keeping ourselves happy and healthy whilst we enjoy the warmth. Being […]

Help your kids concentrate at school with a Home Water Cooler

We love our little ones, the blighters who run around our homes and demand feeding, entertaining and special time with Mummy and Daddy…and of course we especially enjoy it when they resist going off to school of a morning. It is often thought that a solid education from a young age is what provides a […]

Keep your students refreshed with a home water cooler

Learning an instrument is a wonderful thing at any age- the joy and satisfaction that comes from practice and improvement is second to none. If you’re a music teacher, and maybe run lessons from your home, why not keep your students performing at their best by having a home water cooler on hand for them […]

Sophie’s home water cooler challenge (Part 2)

Last week was the beginning of the home water cooler challenge for our Sophie, and this week’s instalment of her progress lets us know how she got on with the final part of her task, to drink 1.5 litres of water a day for a fortnight, to see how it affected her energy levels and […]

Sophie’s home water cooler challenge (Part 1)

Having been inspired by the recent campaign by a popular water brand to drink 1.5 litres of water a day for a fortnight, our Sophie thought she’d give it a go with the water from her home water cooler. This is how she got on: Day 1: I’m working from home today and I’m busy […]

Sherlock Holmes and his home water cooler

One of last year’s most talked about films was the long-awaited feature of Sherlock Holmes, which sees Robert Downey Jr. play the somewhat eccentric Holmes, and Jude Law his long suffering partner in crime, Watson. Our sister company, The Water Delivery Company, was proud to be the on-set water cooler supplier, as well as keeping […]

Match your drinks with water from your Home Water Cooler

At any time of year, particularly in this aftermath of Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, we at Home Water Cooler think that encouraging responsible drinking is one of the most important health-protecting observations that can be made. Of course we’ve all enjoyed a drink or two over the festive period, however rehydrating your body […]

Marathon training and your home water cooler

We at Home Water Coolers are big believers in donating to charity, and many of the team donate to their chosen one on a regular basis. Between them, they’ve been known to do sponsored walks/jogs/runs, silences (our personal favourite), barbeques and cake bakes (also a favourite), and a lot of dressing up to look silly […]