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Water cooler Rental

Did you know that home water coolers offer water cooler rental on our mains fed water coolers as well as outright purchase? Our rental packages include site survey, Installation, 6 monthly sanitisation and filter change.We also include breakdown cover in all our packages.Our prices start from £4.50 per week for a mid range new model […]

Why Microwave when you have a Water Cooler?

Water coolers bring more to the table than just a hot mug of hot cocoa or tea! There is so much you can do with the new addition, especially with the hot water dispenser. Nowadays there are plenty of microwavable soups, buillions, drinks, munchies, and even medicine. You can use the hot water from the […]

Staying Warm with your Home Water Cooler

Your Water Cooler is a convenient and wonderful way to stay warm this winter. They expect the temperatures to really drop and the best way to stay warm is grab a blanket and a mug of hot cocoa and enjoy some time on the couch. Here is a quick and easy hot cocoa recepie which […]

Home water cooler: The Musical

Following the roaring success “Water Cooler Musical” in Chicago in 2009, we thought it was, without a doubt, high time that a similar, although obviously completely original, show was penned. As a starting point, as with all great things there must be at least one, we decided to come up with a song list for […]

Home water coolers make great pet substitutes

Making the decision to have a pet around the house is a big one, and certainly not something that should be taken lightly. For example, if you’re thinking of getting a puppy, who will be around to feed and walk it about a thousand times a day? All that lovely fluffiness comes at a price…if […]

Help your kids concentrate at school with a Home Water Cooler

We love our little ones, the blighters who run around our homes and demand feeding, entertaining and special time with Mummy and Daddy…and of course we especially enjoy it when they resist going off to school of a morning. It is often thought that a solid education from a young age is what provides a […]

Home water cooler chat: embarrassing parents

Bringing the joys of office water cooler moments into one’s home are of utmost importance, and form a significant part of our lives. So in honour of this, we have decided to create a mini-series of blogs, which you can of course use to enhance your own home water cooler chat. This soon-to-be-an institution-so-jump-on-the-bandwagon-immediately series […]

Home water cooler chat: Famous people we’ve seen

Following reports that the amount of gossip being exchanged around every home water cooler in the country since the beginning of our mini-series has increased, we thought it our duty to continue the blogging and help our devoted readers with their idle chat. This week, we talk about famous people we’ve seen out and about, and […]

Make yourself more attractive with a home water cooler

Making ones self attractive to our romantic interest is something that preoccupies all of us to some extent- some more than others and some are willing to go to relatively extreme lengths to catch the eye of someone special. If you’re looking for a unique way to impress when you bring the person in question […]

How your home water cooler works

Those of you who are existing customers of ours, or indeed those who are hoping to join our client list, we are sure you spend a lot of time wondering how your marvellous home water cooler actually works/will work once our engineers turn up and install it for you with extraordinary ease and efficiency. This is […]