Remote Water Chillers

Remote Water ChillerA range of remote water chillers from Home Water Coolers available for next day dispatch across the UK.

We established this niche website in response to the growing demand for remote water chillers in a wide range of domestic and recreational environments. Remote water chillers have traditionally been used under a sink in a kitchen area to provide perfectly chilled water through a tap near to the sink.

The mains-fed water enters the under sink chiller where it is chilled on-demand, it is then pushed from the chiller through an optional water filter and is then piped to the tap/faucet on the kitchen surface. Most of our remote water chillers only chill the water on demand thereby making them a low cost appliance in your kitchen.

We have supplied remote water chillers to customers looking to chill water in their bathrooms and gyms as well, where the chiller is often placed in a ceiling cavity far away from the tap where the water will be used. It is simply plumbed to the point-of-use using flexible micro-bore plumbing lines.

Our objective is to provide customers with advice on suitable solutions and detailed information on the wide variety of remote water chiller options available. Please call us on 0330 1233309 to discuss your options.



Our range of remote water coolers can be purchased through our parent company  – Drinking Waters UK – a company focused on providing the best hydration solutions for customers across the UK.