Water Cooler Companies


Water Cooler Installation

Many people believe that installing a water cooler in your home is a tricky process but with a plumbing kit from Home Water Coolers the process couldn’t be simpler. We offer Two choice “The soft plumbing it” and the Hard Plumbing hit.The soft plumbing kit comes complete with a self cutting valve that simply screws […]

Oasis water cooler spare parts

Home water coolers supply a full range of spare parts for the Oasis range of water coolers and fountains. Our knowledgeable staff can find any product from replacement taps through to solenoid vales and filters. If you are able to give us a model number or serial number we can in many cases send you […]

Drinking Water Bottles

Home Water Coolers is please to introduce our new sister company Drinking Water Bottles. The company was set up to promote the use of reusable bottles rather than plastic disposable cups.Drinking Water bottles provide a huge range from the hugely popular SIGG bottles through to the worlds first collapsable bottle “the Aquatina”. We also supply […]


Having a water cooler at work can actually promote our health. Most of us probably do not realise this, but this device holds the key to a healthy lifestyle.Our body consists of more than 70% water and it is no news to us that drinking water has a strong effect on our body. We loose […]

Home Water Cooler Options

Having your very own home water cooler is a great way to encourage your family to drink more water, but it’s also a great way to save money. It’s important to take your time when deciding which water cooler to have in your home as there as many on the market in the United Kingdom […]

Drinking Water Fountains launched

DrinkingWaterFountains.co.uk is a  joint venture with The Water Cooler Company and Connect Pure – the launch of www.drinkingwaterfountains.co.uk  marks the latest development of a mature online offering for offices and residential customers in the UK. Drinkingwaterfountains.co.uk has been launched to showcase the wide variety of internal and external drinking water fountains available in the UK. Information on […]