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Cleaning Water Cooler Hot Tanks part 1

Recommended Materials •  Hot tank De-scaling solution  :  Dissolve 125 grams of citric acid crystals in 1 litre of hot water •  Bucket or pan with 8 – 10 litre capacity •  Funnel with 8mm diameter end •  Rubber gloves Cleaning Procedure Bottle water coolers need to be cleaned periodically to prevent mineral build-up inside […]

Home Water Coolers presents the unique Oasis Mirage Cooler

Home Water Coolers is excited to announce the addition to its range of the unique new water cooler, the Mirage, by Oasis. This water cooler is the first in the market with the ability to be either bottle-less or bottled with a unique bottom cabinet which holds a standard 5-gallon water bottle and keeps it […]

Shopping for a home water cooler

Having already been a common feature of most offices, the popularity of water coolers in the home has risen dramatically in recent years. The main reason for this increase in popularity is a greater awareness and fear of pollutants that can be found in regular, unfiltered water. Home water coolers offer a great deal of […]

Water Cooler Installation

Many people believe that installing a water cooler in your home is a tricky process but with a plumbing kit from Home Water Coolers the process couldn’t be simpler. We offer Two choice “The soft plumbing it” and the Hard Plumbing hit.The soft plumbing kit comes complete with a self cutting valve that simply screws […]

Oasis under sink chillers

Here at Home water coolers we have a huge range of Oasis Under sink chillers in stock. From the R1P basic chiller through to the high capacity RLF12 chiller we have the best product for you. One of our expert staff members is always on hand to help you with your requirements. Please contact us […]

Oasis water cooler spare parts

Home water coolers supply a full range of spare parts for the Oasis range of water coolers and fountains. Our knowledgeable staff can find any product from replacement taps through to solenoid vales and filters. If you are able to give us a model number or serial number we can in many cases send you […]

Reconditioned water coolers

Home water coolers offer a large range of reconditioned bottle fed and mains fed coolers for sale.From counter top coolers producing cold and ambient water through to floor standing models that produce hot and cold water we are sure to have a cooler that’s right for you.As our refurbished coolers have passed the 12 months […]

Importance of Home Water Coolers

We all remember our mom yelling from the Home Water Coolers at us for not drinking enough water and too much soda, or staying in the sun all day without a drop of water entering our system or even drinking dirty hose water. Well, even if mom is not yelling at us about it anymore, […]

New Home Watercooler

Home Water Coolers in pleased to introduce the New alpha 1 water cooler. This extremly versatile cooler is available with various options as listed below * Floor standing or Countertop * Dispenses Hot and Cold or Cold and Ambient water * Available in Bottled or Bottleless variety’s Other features are integral dual cup dispenser , […]

Winix home counter-top cooler

Home water coolers is pleased to have added the Winix Counter-top cooler to our range. This cooler is ideal for use in the home with it’s easy operation and stylish design.Standing at just 415mm this is one of the smallest and streamline coolers on the market.The main features are as follows   * Simple Controls […]