Under-sink chillers for the home

If you are looking for a source of constant chilled drinking water in the home then look no further than one of our excellent under sink chiller units. These units sit underneath the sink taking up the space usually filled with various clutter. This leaves only one of our stylish Tomlinson Taps on show. We […]

Special offer for October 2011

For the month of October 2011 Home water coolers is pleased to offer a free Omni pure in-line filter with any cooler or fountain purchased.This one micron cartridge is our most popular filter and is designed to reduce Chlorine taste and offers Odour reduction.The filter also has lime scale inhibiting qualities. Usually retailing at £25 […]

Importance of Home Water Coolers

We all remember our mom yelling from the Home Water Coolers at us for not drinking enough water and too much soda, or staying in the sun all day without a drop of water entering our system or even drinking dirty hose water. Well, even if mom is not yelling at us about it anymore, […]

New Home Watercooler

Home Water Coolers in pleased to introduce the New alpha 1 water cooler. This extremly versatile cooler is available with various options as listed below * Floor standing or Countertop * Dispenses Hot and Cold or Cold and Ambient water * Available in Bottled or Bottleless variety’s Other features are integral dual cup dispenser , […]

Winix home counter-top cooler

Home water coolers is pleased to have added the Winix Counter-top cooler to our range. This cooler is ideal for use in the home with it’s easy operation and stylish design.Standing at just 415mm this is one of the smallest and streamline coolers on the market.The main features are as follows   * Simple Controls […]

Tomlinson range of Taps

Home water coolers now offer the Tomlinson range of Taps.These are perfect for use with our undersink chiiler and filtration systems.The chiller unit sits beneath your sink leaving only the elegant tap on show.Full details can be found in the Faucets section of our website. We keep most items in stock so delivery is usually […]

Water Coolers keep you Healthy

The summer is still here, but you may be caught by surprise by the change in weather and bottled water coolers can help your body prepare and stay strong during the transition. Weather has a bad way of taking us by surprise. Often we don’t realize how quickly the summer dissipates and fall comes, and […]

Convenience in Your Home

Home water coolers offer people great convenience. Apart from being environmentally friendly, they take less space and look much better than a stack of bottles. There are no more bags and bags of empty bottles to be thrown out every day. Everything stays in the cooler and the used glasses you can wash and use […]

Summer Water Cocktails

 Home water coolers will be your best friends during the summer heat. You know you have it, but have you really appreciated this device? You will now. Because the thermometers are rising and the heat is really starting to get to you. Ahhh, the cup of cool water – what a gift! You will […]

Drinking Water Bottles

Home Water Coolers is please to introduce our new sister company Drinking Water Bottles. The company was set up to promote the use of reusable bottles rather than plastic disposable cups.Drinking Water bottles provide a huge range from the hugely popular SIGG bottles through to the worlds first collapsable bottle “the Aquatina”. We also supply […]