Sean Thompson

Sean Thompson

Sean Thompson is an integral part of Drinking Waters, and is heavily involved in the products aspect of the business.

He works alongside our customer service teams in the UK and South Africa to ensure that we are using the highest quality products, and that our after sales care & maintenance is second to none.

New Home Watercooler

Home Water Coolers in pleased to introduce the New alpha 1 water cooler. This extremly versatile cooler is available with various options as listed below * Floor standing or Countertop * Dispenses Hot and Cold or Cold and Ambient water * Available in Bottled or Bottleless variety’s Other features are integral dual cup dispenser , […]

Winix home counter-top cooler

Home water coolers is pleased to have added the Winix Counter-top cooler to our range. This cooler is ideal for use in the home with it’s easy operation and stylish design.Standing at just 415mm this is one of the smallest and streamline coolers on the market.The main features are as follows   * Simple Controls […]

Tomlinson range of Taps

Home water coolers now offer the Tomlinson range of Taps.These are perfect for use with our undersink chiiler and filtration systems.The chiller unit sits beneath your sink leaving only the elegant tap on show.Full details can be found in the Faucets section of our website. We keep most items in stock so delivery is usually […]

Drinking Water Bottles

Home Water Coolers is please to introduce our new sister company Drinking Water Bottles. The company was set up to promote the use of reusable bottles rather than plastic disposable cups.Drinking Water bottles provide a huge range from the hugely popular SIGG bottles through to the worlds first collapsable bottle “the Aquatina”. We also supply […]

Aquatina water bottles

Home  water coolers is please to intoduce the worlds first collapable water bottle “The Aquatina”.When extended to full size the Aquatina will hold 500ml of water in a solid rigid structure. When empty, collapse the bottle, replace the lid, put it in your pocket and take it with you.Key features are; The world’s first collapsible […]

BWCA Launches stay cooler campaign

This June, the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) is launching its Stay Cooler campaign aiming to boost hydration in the workplace. John Dundon (chairman of the BWCA) explained: “We are living in a time of cutbacks. The feedback we’re getting from our members is that many office-based contracts, especially in the public sector, are either […]

A preview of our new Tower Water Cooler

Launching on November 15th 2010 – the latest water cooler from Home water coolers – “The Tower”

Fight the flu by drinking plenty of water

It’s that time of year again, when the tissues and vitamins come out, and our immune systems are pushed to the limit as we fight the flu. This year we’re feeling particularly wary, after the worldwide outbreak of the H1N1 virus, not to mention the inconvenience of getting sick at a time when money is […]

Dirty Water Coolers?

A recent article from the BBC warned people against drinking water from water coolers saying they were often contaminated with 23 out of 87 samples from dispensers in Edinburgh and the Lothian and Borders region showed bacterial contamination. However what this article failed to mention is that water coolers from The Water Cooler Company and The Water […]

Get Healthy – Drink More Water

Research shows water is an extremely important factor in the healthy lifestyle mix. Our bodies are made up of between 65% and 70% water so it’s no wonder we need it to keep our body systems in tip top shape.  Heath experts advise we drink up to eight glasses of water every day to help […]