Healthy hydration from home water coolers

home water coolerDrinking water is essential for human survival. Human bodies are made up of about mostly water with 85% of our brain, along with 80% of our blood and 70% of the muscles in our body being made up of water. This high concentration of water in our bodies is a constant reminder for us to know how important water is in our lives but despite this many are still suffering from dehydration as they are not drinking enough water.

One of the reasons why, is that people just don’t realise how much water is sufficient to keep them hydrated! The average human male needs an extra .5 litres of water daily when compared to the average human female. The report showed that the average male should consume 2.5 litres of water daily, whilst the average female should be consuming 2 litres daily.

The BBC in the UK conducted research that showed that the average inactive adult male will lose about 2 litres of water every day. These litres need to be replaced with liquids to avoid the effects of dehydration, which can include headaches, tiredness, dizziness, sleep deprivation and a host of other complications.

An easy way to make sure you and your family can stay hydrated is to invest in a home water cooler, and Home Water Coolers has an excellent range of these products for you to choose from. With style, practicality and great value-for-money, you are certain to find the best water cooler option for your home.



Kayleigh Clerkin is an expert within the water industry.

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