Stay hydrated with a home water cooler

home water coolerDespite water being freely available, many people in the UK are still frequently dehydrated.

The European Food Safety Authority found that the average male needs to consume 2.5 litres a day, and the average female need to consume 2 litres, in order for them to avoid symptoms of dehydration. Tea, coffee, juices and even our food can all count towards this amount. But of course the best way to reach this fluid intake is to actually drink water!

Many people who do drink water opt for bottled water. It may be for the taste, the supposed health benefits or simply the convenience of having water ‘on-the-go’. Whatever the reason, good old tap water is often forgotten about. If this sounds like you, then it may be time to invest in a home water cooler. Not only will this give you an easy, convenient way to stay hydrated, it will ensure that neither your taste buds, nor your purse lose out! Having great-tasting, filtered water on tap from a home water cooler would mean that you no longer have to buy expensive bottled water. Moreover, a home water cooler would only require you to have a reusable water bottle, reducing the negative impact on the environment created by plastic bottle waste.

Home Water Coolers have an excellent range of water coolers on offer, in a variety of stylish designs that would suit any home space. A home water cooler is a practical, cost-effective investment that can help reduce the long-term strain on both your planet and your budget.



Kayleigh Clerkin is an expert within the water industry.

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