Carbonated hydration solution with KaliXCO2

OASIS water cooler KalixOASIS International have been offering top quality water coolers for over 100 years, and the KalixCO2 is no exception. There is a variety of models in the range, offering any combination of cold, hot and carbonated water dispensing options.  The Kalix models are stylish and modern, and would sit beautifully in any kitchen. They are easy-to-use, with an internal cup dispenser and removable self-draining drip tray. The KaliXCO2 sports a two-piece cooling tank to ensure ease of service and sanitisation, along with easy access to filters via a door on the front panel. The Kalix water coolers also have plenty of space for filling flasks and sports bottles, making it suitable for all your family’s needs. And the Kalix range is fitted with OASIS International renowned Green Filter technology. The carbonated water dispensed by KaliXCO2 is as good as bottled water, and any ingredients can be added to sparkling water to make it a great-tasting, healthy beverage.

Home Water Coolers offer our customers the finest products from OASIS, including the Kalix range, and we are confident that all customers can find a water cooler to compliment both their kitchen and their lifestyle.



Kayleigh Clerkin is an expert within the water industry.

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