Cleaning Water Cooler Hot Tanks Part 2

cleaning water coolers11. Mix 125 grams of citric acid crystals with one litre of very hot water. (Wearing rubber gloves is recommended )

12. Carefully pour the hot solution into the funnel.

13. Replace removable reservoir and cold faucet.

14. Fill reservoir with bottled water until water level is about 75 mm from the top. To allow hot tank to fill, open hot faucet until the water begins to flow, then close faucet.

15. Plug service cord into the wall socket.

16. Let unit stand for at least twenty minutes.

17. This is a good time to clean the rest of the unit.

18. Inspect the back of the unit for lint or dirt on the wire and tube condenser; clean with a non-wire stiff brush or a vacuum cleaner.

19. Unplug service cord.

20. Using rubber gloves and taking care not to scald hands, draw water from hot faucet until the flow ceases. Open the heating tank drain, catching the water in a pan or bucket.  NOTE: IMMEDIATELY POUR WATER DOWN DRAIN TO PREVENT ACCIDENTAL SPILLING; THIS WATER WILL STAIN.

21. Pour at least 5 litres of bottled water into the cooling reservoir; allow this water to drain from heating tank. Drain any remaining water in the reservoir through cold faucet.

22. Turn the drain valve to closed position when hot tank is empty.

23. Replace the baffle and place a bottle of water on the unit. Open the hot faucet to allow the tank to fill.

24. Plug the service cord back into the wall socket.

25. After the unit has run for 10 to 15 minutes, draw at least one litre of water from both hot and cold faucets.

Your heating tank should now be clean. If the flow of water or the noisy cycles have not been improved, you should have the unit repaired at a service centre. Cleaning the unit in this manner will not only make the unit run more efficiently, but will make the water taste better.



Kayleigh Clerkin is an expert within the water industry.

One Response to Cleaning Water Cooler Hot Tanks Part 2

  1. Jerry Larimore Jerry Larimore says:

    Need a product for cleaning the cold water cooling coils the warer runs to slow,
    thinking calcium deposits in tubing

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