Shopping for a home water cooler

Having already been a common feature of most offices, the popularity of water coolers in the home has risen dramatically in recent years. The main reason for this increase in popularity is a greater awareness and fear of pollutants that can be found in regular, unfiltered water.

Home Water Cooler

Home water coolers offer a great deal of choice for customers. Mains-fed coolers allow the water to be taken directly from the pipe, bottled coolers have large water bottles which are either placed on top or underneath the filter, and many coolers also provide a hot water option.

Each option offers it own benefits. Mains-fed coolers are more environmentally friendly as they do not require the use of disposable plastic bottles. However, if using water direct from the pipes isn’t practical or desirable, the bottled water coolers offer an excellent solution. The bottles are simple to replace, and the unit is more portable as it not fixed to the pipes.

There are further options; water coolers can go under-sink, be floor standing or there are counter-top alternatives, which means customers can always find the water cooler most suitable for their home space.

Water coolers no longer have to remain just an office luxury; with the variety of options available with Home Water Coolers, every customer can find something perfect for their home.



Kayleigh Clerkin is an expert within the water industry.

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