Water Cooler Installation

Many people believe that installing a water cooler in your home is a tricky process but with a plumbing kit from Home Water Coolers the process couldn’t be simpler. We offer Two choice “The soft plumbing it” and the Hard Plumbing hit.The soft plumbing kit comes complete with a self cutting valve that simply screws onto a mains water pipe allowing very simple and painless installation. This kit can be used when the water supply is turned on so minimises any disruption.The Hard plumbing kit requires a small amount of plumbing in order to install the shut off and Non return valve.Our hard plumbing kit uses compression fittings so there is no need to use any solder.Both our plumbing kits comply with WRAS guidelines and can be used to install any type of water cooler or Under sink chiller. We also supply a wide range of filtration systems that work in Conjuction with our plumbing kits.Please contact us on 08455 00 44 55 or email contact@homewatercoolers for further information on our Kits


TWCC – Hard Plumbing Instructions


TWCC – Soft Plumbing Instructions

Sean Thompson

Sean Thompson

Sean Thompson is an integral part of Drinking Waters, and is heavily involved in the products aspect of the business.

He works alongside our customer service teams in the UK and South Africa to ensure that we are using the highest quality products, and that our after sales care & maintenance is second to none.

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