Home water cooler chat: Great travelling stories

chat about the black mamba at your home water coolerThe demand for our astoundingly good writing has really come to light since our mini “home water cooler chat” series has been started- people are ringing up all hours of the day and night, begging for more subject matter to share around their home water cooler. Ok, this may not be true, however, we know you love to read these instalments, and so this week’s blog sees us discover some of the best travelling stories from around the world, beginning with Sophie’s Dad….
“When I was about seven and lived in Singapore, we used to go on holiday in Malaysia. There was little woman who, if you took a snake along to her, she’s put it in a jar of preservative for you to take home and keep”. Charming, we said. So you take the snake along alive? “Oh no”, exclaimed Sophie’s Dad, “you had to knock it off yourself. I took one along, and the lady in question looked incredibly shocked. I wasn’t sure why until she told me that I’d caught a Black Mamba”.
For those who aren’t sure, a Black Mamba is deadly indeed, and certainly not for anyone at home to try and capture. This goes for any sort of snake, really.
If you’ve got any other impressive feats of bravery (or stupidity) that you’d like to share with us, please do get in touch. But please leave the snakes alone, wherever you are. Thanks.

Dan Oakley

Dan Oakley

Dan Oakley is the head of logistics at Drinking Waters and has been with the company almost ten years.

He has a wide experience across many different types of Hydration equipment and is perfectly placed to advise customers on the best solution for them.

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