How your home water cooler works

inside of a home water coolerThose of you who are existing customers of ours, or indeed those who are hoping to join our client list, we are sure you spend a lot of time wondering how your marvellous home water cooler actually works/will work once our engineers turn up and install it for you with extraordinary ease and efficiency. This is where we can help, and can, once again, provide you with an answer. So to all those who cry, how DOES my cooler work, here is the science bit:

For cooling the water, there is a compressor at the back of the cooler which makes the water cold. In the olden days, there were two tanks which would store water at different temperatures, but these days, coolers are generally high-tech enough to cool/heat on demand.

For dispensing the water, simple valves inside the cooler release it when the thirsty person in question so desires. Air pockets can disrupt/cause the valves to malfunction, which is how the cooler can sometimes appear to be leaking.

So there we have it, science buffs. Feel free to impress any visitors into your home with our/your technical knowledge- we are pretty generous like that. If you have any queries about our range of coolers or our spring water, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Dan Oakley

Dan Oakley

Dan Oakley is the head of logistics at Drinking Waters and has been with the company almost ten years.

He has a wide experience across many different types of Hydration equipment and is perfectly placed to advise customers on the best solution for them.

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