Sophie’s home water cooler challenge (Part 2)

drinking water from the home water coolerLast week was the beginning of the home water cooler challenge for our Sophie, and this week’s instalment of her progress lets us know how she got on with the final part of her task, to drink 1.5 litres of water a day for a fortnight, to see how it affected her energy levels and sense of well-being.
Day 7:
I’m really getting into it now. If I’m out and about, I’ll take a bottle filled up from the cooler with me, and sip it throughout the day, and before I even know it, it’s all gone! Easy peasy.
Day10: Another busy day, rushing around London to meetings and appointments, but my trusty water bottle kept me going and hydrated throughout the rush.
Day 12: Working from home can be a little tricky, particularly when you’re feeling like you’d rather be sleeping than working. So today it was really important for me to keep knocking back the water, to keep me awake and alert and performing my best.
Day14: Well, that’s me done with the challenge. I really thought it would be more of a struggle to complete, but if you simply drink a little water whenever you think about it, then it’s really easy as anything. I’ll definitely be keeping up with the good water habits.
So there we have it- why not take part in your own home water cooler challenge, and see how different you feel after a fortnight? Let us know how you get on!

Dan Oakley

Dan Oakley

Dan Oakley is the head of logistics at Drinking Waters and has been with the company almost ten years.

He has a wide experience across many different types of Hydration equipment and is perfectly placed to advise customers on the best solution for them.

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