Sherlock Holmes and his home water cooler

sherlock holmes would have a home water coolerOne of last year’s most talked about films was the long-awaited feature of Sherlock Holmes, which sees Robert Downey Jr. play the somewhat eccentric Holmes, and Jude Law his long suffering partner in crime, Watson. Our sister company, The Water Delivery Company, was proud to be the on-set water cooler supplier, as well as keeping the cast and crew topped up with spring water throughout the run of filming. Having had some of our staff go and see the film for themselves, we couldn’t help but notice how marvellously hydrated Holmes seemed to be, despite being such an action-packed character and finding himself involved in so many scrapes (we won’t give any more away, promise). If he were around now, in 2010, we’re sure he’d have invested in a home water cooler for himself-how else does a detective extraordinaire keep himself in such good condition? We would of course also provide him with the convenient and efficient service that we offer all our customers, delivering water directly to his door each week, or however often he so desired.
If you’d like any more information about our products or film preferences, or would like to take us all out to the cinema, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions (or trivia) you may care to ask.

Dan Oakley

Dan Oakley

Dan Oakley is the head of logistics at Drinking Waters and has been with the company almost ten years.

He has a wide experience across many different types of Hydration equipment and is perfectly placed to advise customers on the best solution for them.

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