Get Healthy – Drink More Water

waterResearch shows water is an extremely important factor in the healthy lifestyle mix. Our bodies are made up of between 65% and 70% water so it’s no wonder we need it to keep our body systems in tip top shape.¬† Heath experts advise we drink up to eight glasses of water every day to help flush out the toxins in our systems and keep well hydrated. A lot of people, especially those in the United Kingdom, seem to struggle with getting their daily¬†eight glasses in, opting for softdrinks, juices or alcoholic beverages over water.

An easy way to ensure you get your required intake of water is to install a home water cooler into your kitchen or living area. Try to pick an area that you walk by frequently, then you can tell yourself to get a glass of water everytime you walk past, you’ll be surprised how many glasses you’ll drink by the end of the day without even having to try. stocks a variety of bottled, bottleless and countertop water coolers perfect for the home environment. For more information on the water coolers they stock please contact them on 0845 006 3309 or email

Sean Thompson

Sean Thompson

Sean Thompson is an integral part of Drinking Waters, and is heavily involved in the products aspect of the business.

He works alongside our customer service teams in the UK and South Africa to ensure that we are using the highest quality products, and that our after sales care & maintenance is second to none.

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