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water_coolersHaving your very own home water cooler is a great way to encourage your family to drink more water, but it’s also a great way to save money. It’s important to take your time when deciding which water cooler to have in your home as there as many on the market in the United Kingdom at the moment. There are bottleless water coolers, bottled water coolers and countertop water coolers. All do the same job of providing purified drinking water, just in different ways.

Bottled Water Coolers
Bottled water coolers are great for the kitchen and easy to use by all members of the family including the little ones. You can rent or purchase bottled water coolers from The Water Delivery Company.

Bottleless Water Coolers
Bottleless water coolers filter and chill the water straight from your mains supply already present in your house either from pipes under the kitchen sink or from other locations. The water is then chilled/heated in the water cooler and used in a normal way. Bottleless water coolers cost less and are a more environmentally friendly way of supplying your family with drinking water. You can rent or purchase bottleless water coolers from The Water Cooler Company.

Countertop Water Coolers
Home Water Coolers stocks the Koolbabe countertop water cooler which saves on the cost of bottled water by using tap water and filtering it for taste. The Koolbabe is a small compact unit which is environmentally friendly compared to other desktop units as it uses a unique cooling process rather than refrigeration.

For more information on any of the above coolers please contact HomeWaterCoolers.co.uk on 0845 006 3309 or email contact@homewatercoolers.co.uk

Sean Thompson

Sean Thompson

Sean Thompson is an integral part of Drinking Waters, and is heavily involved in the products aspect of the business.

He works alongside our customer service teams in the UK and South Africa to ensure that we are using the highest quality products, and that our after sales care & maintenance is second to none.

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